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  • Elementary particle physics seminar: speaker in the right background standing at the black board, on the left overhead projection of his talk. Audience (2 rows) in front of him with their backs at the camera.
Theoretical Physics II

Elementary Particle Physics Seminar

Thursdays, 5:15 pm, Physik West - SE 22.00.017

Contact: Dr. Timo Schmidt         

Talks in the Winter Term 2019-20

24.10. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Massimiliano Procura, Universität Wien, Austria:
The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and its hadronic contributions

31.10. Prof. Dr. Andreas Vogt, University of Liverpool, Great Britain:
Recent four- and five-loop results in QCD

05.11.------------ !! Tuesday 4:15 pm !! ---------- Dr. Jayita Lahiri, Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India:
Exploration of boosted Top quark Polarization at LHC

07.11. Dr. Florian Goertz, MPI Heidelberg:
Softened Symmetry Breaking in Composite Higgs Models

14.11. ----- No talk -----

21.11. Dr. Leonardo Vernazza, NIKHEF Amsterdam, Netherlands

28.11. Dr. Tim Koslowski, Nanoplus GmbH / Universität Würzburg:
Exploring continuum limits of random tesnor models for quantum gravity with the functional renormalization group equation


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16.01. Prof. Dr. Sandro Uccirati, Università degli studi di Torino, Italy

23.01. Dr. Ilaria Brivio, Universität Heidelberg


06.02. Prof. Ben Gripaios, University of Cambridge