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Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Energy Research

Teaching focus: Energy research

One research area focuses on fundamental questions related to renewable energy harvesting and its rational use. The specialized topics here are spectroscopy and device physics of novel organic and inorganic semiconductors for applications in the fields of photovoltaics, light emitting diodes and thermoelectrics. To delve deeper into this actual field of research the following courses are offered:

  • Introduction to energy technology (Modul: ENT; 09220280)
  • Nanotechnology in energy research (Modul: NTE; 09221140)
  • Introduction to the physics of der functional materials (Modul: TMS; 09410160, 09410180)
  • Opto-electronic material properties (Modul: FU-MOE; 09221420, 09221440)
  • Organic semiconductors (Modul: OHL; 09221380, 09221400)
  • Mechanical and thermic material properties (Modul: FW-MTE; 09410300, 09410320)