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Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Academic and Examination Regulations

Academic and Examination Regulations incl. supplements for all degree programmes of the faculty

General Academic and Examination Regulations (L)ASPO

The basis for all legal questions concerning the study programme is the General Study and Examination Regulations (ASPO) of the University of Würzburg for all Bachelor's and Master's study programmes, which apply depending on the start of the study programme.

general academic and examination regulations for Bachelor's and Master's degree (ASPO)

general academic and examination regulations for teaching degree (LASPO)

Subject-Specific Provisions (FSB)

These general regulations are supplemented by the corresponding subject-specific provisions of the respective field of study. These contain all the essential regulations on the course of study, examinations and deadlines, the modules required to pass the degree programme and the formation of the overall grade. Depending on the start of the respective degree programme, the subject-specific provisions and associated amendment statutes listed below apply.

subject-specific provisions (FSB)

Subject Description (SFB)

The subject-specific provisions are supplemented by the subject description (Annex 1 of the subject-specific provisions). This is a list of all modules offered in the degree programme with the assignment of the modules to the individual areas of the degree programme (compulsory, compulsory elective, subject-specific and general key qualifications).

The subject descriptions have been expanded by decisions of the examination board. You can find these here:

subject descriptions

Module Catalogues

In the module catalogue you will find the detailed descriptions of all modules of your degree programme, in particular information on the qualification objectives and contents of the modules. The courses belonging to the module, forms of examination, information on the acquisition of ECTS points, etc. are also included in the module catalogue.

module catalogues


Supplementary Provisions to the Subject-Specific Provisions

Please also note any other existing supplements or appendices in the respective subject-specific provisions, e.g. explanations of certain compulsory elective areas or also the specification of admission requirements.

Please also note the important announcements of our examination boards. These important implementation regulations and decisions of the examination boards supplement the subject-specific provisions.

Information on all (also older) study and examination regulations can be found on the university's central pages.