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    X-Ray Microscopy

    Research activities

    Our scientists focus on non-destructive testing in micro-and nanoscale ranges.
    Priority issues are:

    • Nano-CT X-ray
    • Phase contrast
    • X-ray microscopy
    • X-ray scattering methods (SAXS)

    Whereas the university chair is concerned with basic research in the field of high-resolution X-ray imaging, the focus of the Fraunhofer project group is on the development and construction of new laboratory systems. This close cooperation with the Chair for X-Ray Microscopy allows an intensive networking of basic research on the one hand and transfer into applications on the other hand, especially in the area of nano-material characterization by non-destructive imaging techniques. Furthermore, the non-university research carried out on the Würzburg Campus is strongly supported by the Fraunhofer-Project Group, which has great interest in establishing itself as a cooperation partner - in particular for regional industrial companies.