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    X-Ray Microscopy


    During the first year after the opening of the Fraunhofer Group in Würzburg many promising cooperations were initiated in the two following expert fields: 

    • Magnetic Resonance Research
    • Nanostructural development for optoelectronic components

    Together with the Magnetic Resonance Research and X-Ray Imaging, Application & Education Center (MRB) for research into and further development of magnet-resonance-tomography and the associated Chair for Magnet Resonance-Tomography thematically complementary technologies are discussed and processed. This creates new research impulses.

    A cooperation has also been started wih the microstructure laboratory operated by the Chair for Technical Physics. The main focus of this cooperation is the Development of Nano-structured X-ray Optics. This has opened up new and valuable perspectives for X-Ray target production, the preparation of samples and/or the manufacture of  MSL-test bodies for the scientists.

    Meanwhile we have also entered into cooperations with local testing institutions (ZAE, SKZ und Fraunhofer ISC) which have been affiliated to form theCompetency Network Material- and Function Testing Mainfranken.