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    X-Ray Microscopy

    Beamtime Application SAXS

    Figure 1: Potato starch in water. Every curve consists of four individual measurements at different distances. The total measurement time for one curve was 8 hours. With kind approval of Barbara Pfister (ETH Zurich).


    • Sample-detector distances: stepless variation between 6 cm and 3.5 m
    • Detectable scattering angles: 60° down to a few degree minutes
    • Used wavelength: 1.541 Å (Cu-Kα1:Cu-Kα2 = 2:1)
    • Beam divergence: less than 0.2 mrad
    • Beam size: 300 µm to 1.5 mm
    • Q-range: 0.005 to 5 Å-1
    • Equivalent d-spacing: 1.5 Å to 150 nm


    • Source: Rigaku microfocus-source with rotating anode (power: 1.2 kW)
    • Multilayer: parabolic Goebel-mirror for the Cu-Kα-line at 1.54 Å
    • Collimators: three motorized collimators each consisting of four individual movable hybrid-blades (single crystals)
    • Axes: 3 linear axes for detector and 3 axes for sample positioning, additionally one 360° rotating axis for sample rotation
    • Sample environments: holder for up to 8 solid samples, holder for up to 10 capillaries, temperature controlled flow though cell for 1 capillary (temperature range: -5 to 80°C
    • Detector: Dectris EIGER 1M (1035 x 1065 Pixel, pixel size: 75 µm)

    Proposal Guidelines:

    To apply for beam time at the SAXS/WAXS system, please submit a proposal.

    You can use this Word template or your own if preferred.

    The proposal should specify the following:

    • Scientific background of the proposed experiment (general information about the proposed topic to understand the problem)
    • Your preliminary work (previous measurements with your samples)
    • Experimental plan (what must be measured and how should it be done?)
    • Expected results and influence on the field of research (if foreseeable)
    • Estimated duration of experiment (measurement time, preparation, calibration, etc.)
    • Literature (essential publications to understand the problem)

    Finally some general rules for writing your proposal:

    • Please do not use any fancy or exotic font types (stick with good old Arial or Times)
    • Your font size should be kept readable (below 10pt becomes critical)
    • Please do not submit novels! (standard should be 2 pages, please no more than 4 pages)

     Send your finished proposal to useroffice.lrm@uni-wuerzburg.de