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    Special Research Areas of the 'DFG'

    Special Research Areas (SFB) are long-term research projects of universities in which researchers work together in an interdisciplinary research program.

    Within the SFB program several program variations are sponsored. Namely they are the Special Research Areas (SFB), a course of lectures in cultural sciences (SFB/FK) and 'Transregio' (SFB/TR) as well as program additions within Transfer Areas (TFB) and groups for young professionals. International cooperations are supported in all program variations.

    The program is supported by the 'Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft' (DFG, German Research Foundation).

    More information on program variations and program additions within 'Special Research Area' of the 'DFG'

    Special Research Areas of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    II-VI-Semiconductors: growing mechanisms, low dimensional structures and interfaces (SFB 410)


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