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    Faculty of Physics and Astronomy


    Current information and guidelines

    Here you will find supplemantary and concretized information of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy with respect to the general guidelines and information provided by the University Board.

    Last update: March 17th, 2020 9:47 A.M. (initial edit)

    Last update MArch 18th, 2020 0:45 PM (Update Exams: Preliminary exams dentistry suspended)

    Lst update March 18th, 2020 7:30 PM (Update exams: 1st state exam teaching post suspended)

    Stand March 19th, 2020 3:00 PM (Update exams: execution of theses)

    For Students in Physics

    • All teaching in attendance form in physics are discontinued until further notice as of March, 11th.
    • Whether there will be virtual substitutes for classes in physics or whether they will be cancelled will be displayed in the details of the courses in WueStudy in a unified way (especially look at the additional information)
    • Information in WueStudy will be successively added during the next weeks.
    • Enrollment in classes in WueStudy is to be used as usual. Deadline for classes in the summer term will generally be Tuesday, April 21th, 2020. Students who want to enroll in a class do this as usual and set their priorities for groups fitting to their own schedule. They will be granted access to the corresponding WueCampus courses. 
    • Schedules for lectures, exercise groups, and seminars will be maintained in order to ensure a collision-free sequence of the yet to be created virtual classes.
    • Preparations for a more extensive use of WueCampus courses for all classes are under way.

    • All upcoming exams in physics (including oral exams) are postponed. When and how the postponed exams will be given is yet to be determined.
    • The scientific preliminary exams for dentistry in spring 2020 is suspended indefinitely.
    • The written and practical exams for the 1st state exam for a teaching post in public schools are suspended indefinitely.
    • Post-exam reviews are suspended. All grades for taken exams will be transfered to WueStudy upon completion of the grading. There will be further notice on how a post-exam review will be arranged at a later point in time.
    • Current open deadlines for signing up for exams are maintained. Students who want to take an exam have to sign up as usual. The registration will be valid for any delayed or yet to be delayed exams.
    • Take special care of notifications for future deadlines for signing up for exams. The rule still stands that there will be no examinations without prior timely registration in WueStudy.
    • The required presence activities (e.g. in the laboratories) for bachelor's nad master's theses should be completed as soon as possible. Until further notice, new student projects in the laboratories should not be offered.
    • If possible, activities during bachelor's and master's projects such as data evaluation, literature research and study, writing publications and the text of the theses should be carried out as homework.
    • The adapted legal regulations for theses and examinations can be found on the website of the examination office of the University of Wuerzburg.T
    • Handing in a Bachelor- or Master-thesis is done via mail to the examination office, a written thesis in teaching degrees via mail to the responsible supervisor.

    • All sources of information from the JMU as a whole
    • This webpage with the short URL go.uniwue.de/coronavirus-physik
    • Comments on classes in the class schedule in WueStudy
    • WueCampus group mailings to all students in physics degrees
    • Class-specific group mailings in WueCampus
    • Information by the teaching staff for students of other subjects who take classes in physics
    • Please regularly check your stud-mail-address as information on your studies will be exclusively directed there.

    For Teaching Staff in Physics

    • All sources of information from the JMU as a whole.
    • Mailings by the Deans of Studies in Physics with more information.

    Public Access to the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    • For the safety of employees as well as students public access to the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy is restricted.
    • Please use e-mail, phone, and mail whenever possible.
    • For unavoidable visits please make an appointment in advance via phone or e-mail.