• Komplexität und Topologie in Quantenmaterialien (ct.qmat)
Center of Excellence - Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter (ct.qmat)

Grete Hermann network

The Grete Hermann network (GHN) is a newly founded international network of female researchers in condensed matter physics and neighbouring research areas, involving both junior researchers (for instance senior postdocs, assistant professors, research group leaders) as well as experienced professors. The Network is associated to the Cluster of Excellence `Complexity and topology in quantum matter' ct.qmat funded within the Excellence Strategy of the German federal government. We are a strong research collaboration between Julius Maximilians University Würzburg and the Technical University Dresden in Germany that started in early 2019. For further information about our research please visit www.ctqmat.de.

A central aim of this Cluster, in view of promoting excellent research, is to support the recruitment and careers of female researchers within our field. One of the measures to do so is the establishment of the GHN.

The goals of the GHN are as follows:

(i) provide networking and mentoring,
(ii) increase visibility of female senior scientists as role models,
(iii) create a comprehensive pool of female researchers in the cluster's research areas in view of future hirings for professorships and further permanent positions.

For these goals, we invite GHN members to the Cluster's workshops and conferences for both scientific talks and events for the general audience, as well as for dedicated social meetings of the Network's members for informal exchange. Moreover, the Cluster provides possibilities for scientific exchange (seminars, guest stays) and research collaborations with the Cluster for all GHN members.