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Katharina Leiter

Email: kleiter@astro.uni-wuerzburg.de

Phone: +49931/3181984

In my PhD-project I am studying the X-Ray characteristics of H2O Megamaser in active galactic nuclei(AGN) based on a comparison of one pure maser-sample and a comparative group of objects which show no maser activity.
Watermaser galaxies are a subclass of AGN and belong to the brightest sources in the Universe. They allow us to study a wide range of physical aspects refering to non-thermal emission and represent a significant improvement for measuring geometrical distances with high precision. This yields to a determination of the Hubble constant H_0 with accuracy better then 3% which would provide powerful constrains on cosmological models (e.g. on the equation of state of dark energy). Therefore maser play a keyrole in modern cosmology.

  • 2014: Tutor oft the DAAD RISE Programm (project: „Studying the X-Ray absorbers of Active Galactic Nuclei„)
  • 2012 - present: Graduate teaching assistant (astrophysical labcourse)
  • 2009 - present: Undergraduate teaching assistant (introduction lecture: „Experimental Physics I&II“)

  • 09/2013 - present: PhD student of the GSST at the chair of astrophysics (member of the GRK 1147)
  • 09/2013: Diploma in Physics at the chair of astrophysics (Thesis:"Emissionseigenschaften von Mega-Masergalaxien im weichen Röntgenbereich")
  • Spring/Summer 2010: Projektpraktikum at the chair of astrophysics (Topic: „Bestimmung der TeV-Quelle PKS 1424+240 mittels Mehrfarb-photometrie von Haufengalaxien am MONET/north Teleskop“)