RTG Seminar

Vortr├Ąge im Sommersemester 2015 (13.04.-18.07.2015)

30.04. GK-Get-Together

  • Marcus Langejah (statusreport)
    • Hard X-ray Emission of Blazars and Other AGN with Swift/BAT
  • Sebastian Ohlmann (statusreport)
    • Progress on hydrodynamics simulations of common envelope phases

28.05. GK-Get-Together

  • Juan Pablo Gallego
    • Progress on higher order schemes for hydrodynamical simulations in astrophysical applications
  • Jan Storz
    • tba
  • Stefan Weber
    • Simulation Studies on the New Small Wheel Schielding at the ATLAS Experiment and Design and Construction of a Test Facility for Gaseous Detectors

25.06. GK-Get-Together

  • Christian Pasold (final report)
    • Electroweak and QCD corrections to  W + Photon and Z + Photon production
  • Manuel Schreyer (final report)
    • Search for supersymmetry in events with light leptons, jets and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector
  • Markus Zenk (statusreport)
    • Well-Balanced and Low Mach number schemes

23.07. GK-Get-Together

  • Manuel Krauss (final report)
    • Phenomenology of non-minimal Supersymmetry
  • Lukas Mitzka (final report)
    • Constraining Natural SUSY
  • Eugenia Litzinger (final report)
    • Water Megamasers from soft X-rays to the radio
  • Till Steinbring (statusreport)
    • Studying brightness temperature gradients of extragalactic jets on a large sample