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AG Sing/Claessen

Our group focusses on the electronic structure of correlated systems in various forms, e.g. transition metal oxides (TMO's), high-TC superconductors and other low-dimensional systems like organic systems and nanowires on semiconductor substrates. Special interest lies in the interplay of different degrees of freedom (charge, spin, orbital, lattice) in the light of metal-insulator and other phase transitions. Complementary research is performed in the field of dilute magnetic semiconductors, esp. GaMnAs. Recently, we also started to investigate oxide heterostructure materials.
The main experimental method is photoemission spectroscopy (PES) with excitation energies ranging from the ultraviolet (UPS) to the intermediate-energy x-ray regime (XPS) and even up to hard x-ray energies of several keV (HAXPES).

Our laboratory equipment includes an Omicron ESCA-system with an E125 HSA, a Specs Phoibos 100 with CCD detector, an Omicron VT-STM, LEED, cryostats for transport measurements and others.
In order to perform angle-resolved XPS and UPS with ultimate resolution we use Synchrotronlabs around the world. At ELLETRA (Italy) we maintain our own endstation, at DESY (Hamburg, Germany) we are currently building up a system at PETRA III for HAXPES. Further sites repeatedly visited include BESSY (Germany), SLS (Switzerland), SPring-8 (Japan) and ALS (USA).

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